Shedding some light on the matter

My Mended Lamp
First things first. In order to make taking photos easier for this blog I needed to repair the lamp I like to use for photographs.

At some point it had been stepped on/sat on/kicked or something and one side had snapped off.

Broken Lamp
So I looked in my ‘sticking box’ (we all have a sticking box, right?)

After some consideration I thought I would try the plastic weld. Plastic weld is useful for bonding plastic together, it works by dissolving a thin film on each surface, quickly evaporating to form join as strong as the surrounding plastic. It cannot be used on all types of plastic but I find it is often a good place to start. If you are unsure of the type of plastic you are joining it is worth trying a small amount on a hidden place in case it dissolves the surface!
Plastic Weld
I picked my plastic weld up from the local model shop for about £2.50.

An upside stool made a handy stand to support the lamp while I applied the plastic weld.
Applying the Plastic Weld
The best way to use the plastic weld is to hold the two parts tight together, then paint it onto the join. It will run into and along the join, spreading itself along the area to be fixed. I always use a little more than I need, just to make sure. Hold the two parts together firmly for a minute or two to give it time to dry.
The join is still visible on this lamp. The plastic weld can give very good results, however at some point my paintbrush was left in for a few minutes and the paint dissolved off the wood and dyed the plastic weld slightly. This is obviously more visible on this white lampshade than it would be on another item.

While I was mending the shade I checked the wire and found that Grace (my house rabbit) has had a nibble.
Chewed Wire
As she had only just broken the surface of one of the inside wires I decided to just wrap it with electrician’s tape (back to the sticking box!)
Electrician’s tape is insulating and has a slight stretch to it. I taped diagonally, starting a little way from the damage and stretching the tape as I went. I finished a little way beyond the damage, ensuring I had a good tight mend.
I put a bulb in, popped the front back into the lamp and tried it out!
My Mended Lamp


3 thoughts on “Shedding some light on the matter

  1. I have a ‘sticking’ drawer in my tool cabinet at home and another one in my stationery cupboard at work.

    So we’re either both totally normal or both totally weird…

    Good job on the lamp!

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