Patching Patchwork

finished patches
Grace has been nibbling my patchwork quilt.
quilt holes
I could replace the damaged patches but as there is only a small amount of damage on a few different patches I am going to add different sized patches over the holes. The first thing to do is measure the size of  the holes.
I could have done a big patch to cover all the damage but decided to do it in two separate patches.

Cut a template out of card, making sure it is comfortably bigger than the damaged area.
It is best to use a similar type of fabric to the quilt. My quilt is made up of thin cotton patches so I am going to use a similar weight cotton. I am using a summer dress that is no longer wearable. Iron the fabric before drawing round the template with pencil (or taylor’s chalk if you have some).
pencil line
This will give you a clear straight line to cut along.
When the patch is cut out line it up and carefully pin it on. Make sure that the pins are only going through the patch and the top layer of the quilt – not all the way through! Keep everything as flat as possible whilst pinning.
I have stitched my patch on with overcast stitch, with cotton thread, that I have gone back over in a zig-zag to prevent fraying. I used yellow thread to match the yellow in some of the other patches.
first patch
Next I will do my smaller patch in the same way.

For the smaller patch I have used similar weight cotton. This time from an old skirt.

finished patches
I am pleased with how it has turned out even though my stitching could  be neater.


2 thoughts on “Patching Patchwork

  1. I never thought of patching the patchwork. Our dog decided to nibble a few choice spots on a couple of my fleece throws; so far he hasn’t snacked on hubby’s memory quilt. But if he does, at least I now know how to fix it. 😀

  2. My pets all seem to like vintage. If it’s old it tastes better apparently. Unfortunately I love vintage so it’s always my favourite stuff that gets nibbled on. Love the pets more though so I’ll just keep mending!

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