Add a Little Sparkle (Home-Made Wood Inlay)

desk finished small crack
I have been working on a big project of late, a rocking chair that has lots to be done to it, so have not had a lot of time to do other bits and bobs. I will blog about the chair when I am a bit further along.

I took a break from this to look at some holes my husband inexplicably drilled in the back of his desk (I’m sure he had his reasons). The first thing I did was sand the raggy edges off.
desk holes small
I am going to make an inlay for the holes with glass glitter and super glue. There is also a small crack in the wood near the holes that I will fill also. The glass glitter I purchased from an online craft store (less than £5) and  the super glue is just the cheapest I found (6 tubes for £1). When using super glue for inlays it is best not to get a “fast drying” one as this is more likely to cause a frosting effect when it dries.
glitter and glue small
Gravity is your friend for this, position the piece of furniture so the damage is facing upwards. Then the easiest way I have found to do this is to fill the holes with glitter first.
desk glittered small
desk glitter holes small
Then add the glue. This is the trickiest bit – making sure you have filled the hole with glue but not putting so much in it spills out all over the surface. Do it slowly, a drop at a time.

Allow the glue to dry for as long as possible, preferably 24 hours. A cool room is best as you want the glue to take as long as possible to dry as this results in a better finish.
desk dried glue small
This is what mine looked like when it was dry. As you can see some frosting has occurred but I will be sanding this off. To sand the inlay I used a course glasspaper/sandpaper then finished it off with a medium one.
desk sanded small
The sanded area is lighter than the rest of the desk as I have removed some the finish. I am going to use some scratch cover to even it back up.
scratch cover
This cost £3.50 from the local hardware store. Just rub a little on with a cloth.
desk finished small
The finished result is quite subtle but attractive, with the glitter inlay catching the light and giving a nice sparkle.


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