Put Your Feet Up (Easy No-Sew Scarf Stool)

stool done small
Grace has been eating the edge of my footstool. To be honest the footstool has seen better days anyway, it was starting to look shabby and wouldn’t come properly clean.
stool small
I am going to give it a quick, no-sew revamp.

First I will tape up the damage with duct tape. It doesn’t have to be neat as I will be covering it, it just needs to keep the stuffing from coming out.
stool scissors tape small

stool taped small
I taped down over the damage with three pieces of tape. As the stool is round the tape wouldn’t have liked to follow the circumference of the stool. Taping downwards allows greater sticking area over the damage.

Next I found a vintage scarf big enough to cover the stool. I washed it and hung it to drip dry. This scarf looks like silk but is actually synthetic, so it is a bit more robust.
stool scarf small
As I hung it to dry it wasn’t very creased but there were a few fine creases in it.

I steamed it over the kettle to get these out. If you hold the button down on the kettle while it is boiling and hold delicate fabrics over it you can steam them quickly and easily. I’m not sure how good this is for the kettle though.
stool steam small
Lay the scarf flat on the floor and position the stool upside down in the centre of it with the legs to the middle of each edge.
stool upside down small
Next tie two opposite corners of the scarf together on the underneath of the stool.
stool tied small
Do the same with the other two corners.
stool tied both small
Finished! Right the stool and put your feet up!
stool finished small


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