Patchwork Wallpaper

wallpaper done small
Today I went to B&Q with my sister Joan. She was getting some wire mesh for an upcoming project I am doing for her and I wanted to get some wallpaper samples due to Grace’s nibbling. Our previous rabbit (Fred) would nibble the wallpaper but would have the decency to stop if told or if he saw you looking. Grace, on the other hand, will look you straight in the eye while pulling great chunks of wallpaper off.
wallpaper nibbled small
This is our recently papered chimney breast. As you can see, my husband wallpapered over the top of the previously nibbled wallpaper. We have only been in this house a year!

I decided to patch the wallpaper like patchwork, so was greedy with wallpaper samples in B&Q and got myself a good selection and plenty of each.
wallpaper samples small
I just love the geometric one third from the right. I’m going to have a think about other projects to use it for another day!
So first I had to decide what shapes to use. We have hexagonal tiles on the floor by the fire and as I had decided to use a uniform pattern I thought hexagons would be the best choice. I have a few spare tiles left over from this so I just used one to draw round. I was planning on making a template out of card but I decided to do it this way instead.
wallpaper template small
I drew on the wrong side of the wallpaper lightly in pencil so the marks didn’t show on the right side, then cut around with scissors.
wallpaper cutting small
For the wallpaper samples with large patterns I was careful to position my template  to include the part of the design I wanted. With the geometric ones I made sure to line up one of my straight edges with a straight edge on the design. To make sure you have positioned the template correctly you can hold your wallpaper up to the light.
wallpaper against the light small
Re-draw the line if you are unhappy with the placement.

Next I laid out all my hexagons and played with them until I was happy with which were next to each other. Some of them were quite curly so I raided my 5 pence tin to weigh them down.
wallpaper layout small
I taped along each edge with double sided tape.
wallpaper taped small
When I was happy with the positioning of the first one on the wall I peeled off the backing of the tape on two of the edges, sticking them to the wall first and then the adjacent ones, smoothing the hexagon against the wall as I went.
wallpaper trimmed small
Some needed trimming to fit against the skirting board and fire surround.

I covered more than just the damaged area until I was happy with the effect. Now if Grace decides to have a nibble I can just replace a hexagon at a time.
wallpaper finished1 small


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