Don’t Be Chicken (Replacing Glass With Wire Mesh)

cabinet done smallToday was devoted to the project for my sister I mentioned in Patchwork Wallpaper. Joan has a beautiful old cabinet that has had a couple of glass panes broken by her children. She wanted the glass replaced with something safer, so I suggested chicken wire. I have seen some beautiful vintage mesh door cabinets and I thought this would be a good option for Joan’s cabinet as it isn’t going to break and it still allows the contents to be displayed.
cabinet small
The glass in the right hand door had been smashed and removed completely.
cabinet hinges small
I unscrewed the hinges and removed both of the doors for ease of access. I also removed the locks from each door.
cabinet door small
There were a couple of small pieces of glass remaining set into the door, I removed these by filing away the putty that was holding them in place.
cabinet glass small
Next I opened the roll of chicken wire and unrolled it to the length of the cabinet door. I used tin snips to cut it to the same length and width as the door, giving me a little extra to work with.
cabinet stapling small
Using a staple gun I stapled the uncut edge of the wire along the length of the inside of the door. I made sure it was positioned so that the cut length would be next to the hinges and the finished edge would be on the side that opens. This minimises the chance of pricked fingers! I chose not to staple the chicken wire into the inset where the glass was, this was due to the wood being flimsy here and there not being much space to work with. I opted instead to staple onto the main frame of the door.
cabinet stapled small
I then stapled along one end, making sure to pull the chicken wire tight along the width of the door. Then up the other length and along the other end, making sure the wire was straight and tight for each staple. The wire has a regular pattern that makes judging straightness easier.
cabinet wire small
After stapling the cut edges of the wire I trimmed them to size and bent the sharp ends in to neaten it up. I didn’t trim the chicken wire too close to the staples at the ends as it can unravel, so I just folded it in neatly.

I then removed the rest of the glass from the cabinet and did exactly the same for the other door and the side panels. The side panels were trickiest as I had to do them from inside the cabinet!
cabinet lock small
The locks screwed on over the mesh and I put the cabinet doors back on.

This project was time-consuming due to my temperamental staple gun and the spiky/rolling nature of the chicken wire. I am pleased with the results though, and most importantly so is my sister!
cabinet finished small
Now to leave her to put everything back in!


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