Beading a Cable (Bunny-Proof Wires)

Grace (like most house rabbits) likes to nibble cables if she gets half a chance. Obviously we try and keep them away from her and her away from them, however she is sneaky and sometimes finds them. The telephone/internet one is very low voltage and won’t do her any harm (but drives us mad when she snips it into little pieces), the lamp wires are a whole other matter though. It could be very dangerous for her to bite through one of these higher voltage wires so today I am beading the cable to my cat lamp to prevent her snipping through it.

This is a fairly simple task. The trickiest bit really was finding beads with large enough holes to fit over cable. I found a long wooden bead necklace in a charity shop which was just right. Now it is worth mentioning that rabbits also chew wood, to be extra safe use plastic beads.

First thing to do is remove the plug.
cable plug small
cable open plugBecause this is an old lamp the cable only has two wires, a modern one would have three.

Once I had removed the plug I simply threaded the beads onto the cable one at a time.
cable bead
Then I reattached the plug. Easy as that.
cable finished

In Shedding Some Light on the Matter I repaired a nibbled cable with electrical tape. Beading the cable over the electrical tape would make it look nicer and stop the rabbit from doing the same thing again.


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