Knowing When to Unpick (Not Mending this Carpet)


So the secret to embroidery is knowing when to unpick, having the confidence to go back and do things again if they’re not quite right. The same can be applied to knowing when to mend things and knowing when you are setting yourself up for frustration, difficulties and a big mess.

Grace has been pulling up the carpet in the hallway. It is a horrible carpet anyway but this hasn’t helped! I was going to patch it, which is a good solution to a small area of damage, so I covered the damaged area to stop her getting to it any more. She is a determined little beast though and managed to dig up two more corners of it and then just started pulling it up around all the edges.
The photo only represents a very small amount of what she achieved.

I realised that even if I were to patch the corners, and somehow neaten up the edges, she would just continue her mission of destruction. Believe it or not we do provide her with a good selection of toys and projects of her own!
So my husband had enough one morning and just pulled the whole thing up. We have bare floorboards in the living room so I thought we could just have bare floorboards in the hallway too. Unfortunately sometime in the past there had clearly been a runner along the middle, so the edges were painted white. Someone had also managed to drop big lumps of filler, paint and what-have-you all over the floorboards. So painting was the answer. I scraped most of what I could off the floor and gave it a scrub before I started painting, but as my husband punningly pointed out;

“it would never look flawless”


So four coats of specialist floor paint later, here is my new green floor.


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