The Gaffer (Tape Boss)

I had a friend once whose motto was “if you can’t duck it, f*ck it” (referring to duck/duct tape). He swore by it, he used it to mend his shoes, clothes and anything else he possibly could. If he couldn’t mend it with duck tape he figured it was either impossible to mend or not worth mending.

Obviously, I don’t quite share this philosophy but I do get his point. Duck tape (or Gaffer tape) is wonderful stuff and something I would be lost without. Today’s post is a celebration of gaffer tape and how it is used around my house.


Dug’s rustic repair to his Grace-nibbled notebook.


Jaffa Tape! I bought it because I enjoyed the pun.
It is brilliant though, super-sticky and looks like orange peel!


Another of Dug’s repairs, covering an obsolete hole in one of his pedals.


One of my picture frames had lost its little pegs keeping the back on.

mirror   mirrortaped

This mirror was broken around the edges. Aside from the safety issues of  the sharp edges, when I used it I felt like a chimp peering at itself in a shard of something it had found on the ground.
The tape makes the edges safe and it now feels like a mirror for a real person.

cardholder1web   cardholderweb

I begged a small amount of nice matt red gaffer tape from someone and used it to make a card holder for my business cards. This will keep them nice and clean and flat.

Recently I discovered that you can actually get gaffer tape custom printed! I really want to try this out with some of the patterns I have designed. Unfortunately the minimum order is 48 rolls and my finances don’t stretch to this at the moment. Maybe one day…


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