Tread Carefully (Another Chewed Mat)


So another of the mats in my house has been attacked; this time it was Molly, in the kitchen, with her teeth.


She has pulled off some of the edges and laddered a line right across it.


The first thing I did was choose some appropriate yarn. Initially I was going to use a nice green yarn, a coarse wool that would be too itchy for clothing but nice and durable for a mat. Then I remembered that this particular mat goes in the washer at least every other week. So I chose a grey synthetic yarn that will be tough enough to be walked on and will be happy being washed.

I trimmed off the frayed ends around the damage before I started sewing.

matuntrimmed mattrimmed

I went over the edges of the mat with overcast stitch, anchoring to different wefts as I go. (Exactly the same as I did it in Fringe Benefits). This gave me tidy edges that won’t fray or get worse now.


Next to deal with the laddered line.


This I filled in with small stitches. I think there was only one row that had been pulled out but I chose to fill it with two as it looked tidier. I made sure not to pull the stitches tight on the right side of the rug, making little bobbles to match the rest of the mat. I checked every stitch to make sure the thread hadn’t pulled tight by mistake. If it had, I raised it with the needle before doing the next stitch.


Not too tricky and now my mat looks tidy and won’t fall to pieces now! I particularly like its new grey line.



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