Take a Seat (fixing my chair)

Hi, sorry I’ve been away for ever such a long time. I’m back now and ready to get mending a lot more things! I have decided to use a less polished format from now on, hopefully this will mean that I can repair more things and blog more often!

I’m in the middle of packing up to move house, I was tiring of this so decided my chair needed attention.

I was going to just give it a coat of paint and pop some fabric over the existing upholstery (in rather a lazy manner) but then I remembered that the seat was broken and I’d patched it up temporarily AGES ago so I figured I’d strip it down and start from scratch. 

Unfortunately I decided to blog it when I’d already stripped and painted it so I don’t have a before picture. 

The way I’m doing this is basically copying how it was done before, just with new materials. 

First thing I did was staple (and tack) leather strips across the hole widthways (I don’t know why it has a hole). I used more than there had been on before because my leather isn’t very thick (I rescued it from an old sofa a while ago). I used upholstery tacks in addition to the staples because my staple gun is not very good. I attached one end then pulled it as tight as I could before attaching the other end. 

Next I wove leather strips from front to back and attached them in the same way (again pulling them tight).

The next layer was hessian, I used an old potato sack. I don’t know what this layer is for but I included it anyway (if anyone can shed some light on this I’d love to hear from you!). I folded each edge over before stapling so that it had a bit of a hem and I was stapling through two layers. 

The next layer had been something like shredded cotton wadding, I’m not entirely sure what it was made of. I’m replacing this with foam (salvaged from the same sofa as the leather). I didn’t have a big enough piece so I did it in two halves.

I measured them then cut them to size with scissors. I stuck the two pieces together with masking tape to hold them while I tacked it in place.

I had decided I wanted the padding to go down over the front of the seat, so I had allowed some extra foam when cutting. I tacked it onto the front edge with upholstery tacks then trimmed the foam so it was neat. I also tacked it down on the back of the seat so it would create a nice curve.

I covered it with material from an old eiderdown that my previous rabbit had destroyed; I managed to find a section big enough for my seat with only one small hole to mend! I mended it and ironed it before I started to attach it. 

I stapled it starting with the back edge, then pulling tight while I did the front edge (I did this underneath the seat). Then I did the two sides and finally all the corners. 

The last thing was to cover the edges of the fabric. I used some red braid and tacked it on using upholstery tacks. It was tricky to get into the back edge and corners, when doing this I held my pin hammer on top of the tack then hit the pin hammer with a normal hammer. 

I started the braid at the back as if I was going all the way around but if I had been paying more attention I would have started it underneath the front. 

I touched up some of the paint I had scuffed in the process, then I was all finished! Now I just need to tidy up and get on with my packing!

Molly and Grace came to inspect my work.  



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