Last Legs no Longer (Sprucing up Dungarees)

The day you realise your favourite item of clothing really is unwearable is a very sad one, you’ve worn it day in day out until it’s just given up completely on you. Such was the case with Cordi and her dungarees. Luckily she stumbled across one of my cards and dropped me an email. 

We met up so I could collect the dungarees and find out a bit about what she likes. I established that mismatched, patchy and purple were the way forward. 

The main repairs needed were to the knee and the crotch but on closer inspection some of the fasteners were missing too. 

I emailed Cordi some photos of the purple fabric I have so she could tell me her favourites. 

I patched the knee with 2 different fabrics, using stitches that would add strength to the patches whilst making a feature of the sewing.

I patched the crotch from the inside an reinforced the patches with a visible back stitch to match the sewing on the knee. 

I found an adjuster for the strap and some buttons to replace the missing ones. I also added a patch on the front where the missing button had ripped the fabric. 

I hope she loves them and gets plenty more wear from them! 


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