Repair is an art that is rapidly being lost in our ‘throw-away’ culture. There is a beauty inherent in the act of repair; the time and care taken over the item, as well as the changed beauty of the renewed item.

I’m Rosie and I live in a shed with my dog, Molly, and my rabbit, Grace, in the north east of England. Through studying furniture and product design at university I have become increasingly interested in the lifespan of belongings, from what is perceived to be disposable to the cherished family heirloom. There is an appeal to original, individual items but often a hesitance to customise items oneself. Often things are given away or binned through boredom, or to replace with a prettier or newer item. I want to challenge this. I want people to cherish their belongings, to enjoy them, adapt them and use them for years to come. I want people to see past what they are told they should possess to what they want themselves, their individual style, to fit their individual needs.

Let’s think more Kintsukuroi and ‘Make Do and Mend’, don’t bin it – make it beautiful.


I would love to see your projects and to feature my favourites in my Out & About section. Please email photos to beautifulrepair@rosiefreeman.co.uk


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